Problems with My Apartment

Topics: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Real estate Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Problems with My Apartment

When I was younger, I fantasized about how wonderful life would be when I moved into my own apartment. Now I'm a bit older and wiser, my dreams have turned into nightmares. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day I signed the lease, I've had to deal with an uncooperative landlord, and incompetent janitor, and inconsiderate neighbors.

First of all, my landlord has been uncooperative from the day I moved in. Every time I need something fixed in my apartment and inform him about it, he will take forever to fix it, and when the things finally do get fixed they usually don’t work properly. I’ve asked him a million times to fix the leak in my toilet, he replies saying I’ll do it, but still hasn’t fixed it yet, which causes me to have a puddle full of water in my bathroom every day. He refuses to get an exterminator for our outrageous roach and ant problem. This makes it a nuisance to have company over when you have to watch for roaches creeping out from under the doors. He consistently neglects the building and our needs, from tiles falling from the ceiling, to grass higher than skyscrapers out front.

I've had a problem not only with my landlord but also with an incompetent janitor. The Janitor is nothing but lazy and constantly ignores my requests for cleanliness in my building. He refuses to mop and sweep the hallways and common areas in the building, so every day when I walk up to my front entrance; I have to walk through dirt and filth. He always leaves the dirty towels in the gym, never

cleaning them, making the gym smell like a mixture of sweat and funk. This results in you never being able to finish a workout. He leaves the bathrooms a mess. He never cleans the toilet or showers, leaving the tenants open to all type of germs, and when he does clean, he only cleans halfway, and uses a mop that smells like he dunked it in sewer water.

Perhaps the worst problem has been with the...
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