Problems That Faced International Student

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The writing process does not end with your first draft. Revising means “seeing again” and that is exactly what you do when you revise—you see your writing again from as many different angles as possible. More specifically, revising your writing means working with it so that it says exactly what you mean in the most effective way. Revision involves both content (what you are trying to say) and form (how you deliver your message). Revising content consists of working with your words until they express your ideas as accurately and completely as possible. Revising form consists of working with the organization of your writing. Revising Checklist

When you revise, you look closely at five basic elements of your paragraph, listed in the following checklist: TOPIC SENTENCE
• Does the topic sentence convey the paragraph’s controlling idea? • Does the topic sentence appear as the first or last sentence of the paragraph?

• Does the paragraph contain specific details that support the topic sentence? • Does the paragraph include enough details to explain the topic sentence fully?

• Do all the sentences in the paragraph support the topic sentence?

• Is the paragraph organized logically?

• Do the sentences move smoothly and logically from one sentence to the next? Revising the Topic Sentence and Supporting Details
Every paragraph has a topic sentence that states its controlling idea. The topic sentence gives direction to the rest of the paragraph. It consists of both a limited topic and a statement about that topic. Generally, the topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph, but occasionally it is the last sentence, as in particular-to-general organization.

Details are the building blocks that you add to construct a paragraph. The details in your paragraph should be as specific as possible, and you should provide enough details to support your topic sentence. You should use concrete words in the examples...
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