Problems Related to Internet Addiction on Children

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Internet could be considered as one of the best useful technological invention of our time. One can find every kind of information which s/he looks for on the internet. Because it is very useful, it is used by almost everybody especially by young people. Sometimes using internet too much may cause a serious problem named “internet addiction”, which affects mostly children. Internet addiction is a serious problem affecting especially children in two possible ways. Firstly addiction to internet influences children negatively regarding their socialisation. Children are affected by internet addiction because it takes too much time. For example, children who spend too much time with computer can not spend enough time with their family. They can not have fun enough with their family. So they evaluate a weak relationship with their family. In addition, spending too much time with computer instead of reading books may cause a weak talking skill. Moreover, not playing classical children games might affect children’s socialisation. Children who spend time with computer instead of playing classical children games with their friends because of internet addiction will probably have weak social relationships in future. Having good childhood friends is vital for having a good adulthood social life. Also, they can not learn how to struggle with real people outside because of lack of playing classical children games. It may cause being unsuccessful in their work life in future. Secondly, using too much internet might contribute to psychological problems in children. Overuse may cause increasing desire to use internet related to insufficient joy. Children addicted to internet can not get the same joy with their first internet using. The jot decreases day by day. They increase their daily internet using time in order to reach the same joy with the joy which they get previous day. Overuse may also cause being aggressive and anxious when being kept away from internet for a long time....
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