Problems of E-Commerce

Topics: Electronic commerce, Internet, Business Pages: 31 (6451 words) Published: March 25, 2009
Prospects and Problems

Prospects and Problems of E-Commerce

Prepared for

S I Nusrat A Chaudhury
Associate professor
Department of Business Administration &
Head of Career Counseling Center
East West University

Prepared by

Razoanul Amin Talukder2005-2-10-207

Sazzad Hossain2005-3-10-091

Tanzia Afrin2005-2-10-271

Sk. Abdul Mukit2005-2-10-135

Golam Kibria2005-3-10-136

Date of Submission: April 13, 2008


10 April 2008

To whom may it concern

I am approving that (1) Razoanul Amin Talukder, Id: 2005-2-10-207 ; (2) Sazzad Hossain, Id: 2005-3-10-090 ; (3) Tanzia Afrin, Id: 2005-2-10-271 ; (4) Sk. Abdul Mukit, Id: 2005-2-10-135 and (5) Golam Kibria, Id: 2005-0-00-000 is the students of East West University and they have assigned to prepare a report on “prospects and problems of e-commerce”. For this reason they need to collect relevant data, information and things that will help them to prepare their report properly.

This report is entirely for education purpose and the information will be provided by you will not be publishing in any where. So your helpful support will be highly appreciable.

Thank you.

S I Nusrat A Chaudhury
Associate professor &
Head of Career Counseling Center
East West University

13 April 2008

S I Nusrat A Chaudhury
Associate professor &
Head of Career Counseling Center
East West University.

Sub: Submission of report

A great opportunity was given by you to enrich our knowledge by giving us the permission to prepare a report on e-commerce. We are delighted to submit our report as a requirement of the Business Communication (Bus 231) course.

We are assuring that the entire report is a work of our knowledge and research. We have taken help from websites and articles to prepare this report. Given figures and findings are reflecting a meaningful overview about the e-commerce while our focus is on the prospects and problems of e-commerce. We have tried our best to make the report more informative and we are confident that the report has enhanced both our practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

We enjoyed working on this report and if you have any queries, we will be glad to respond to them.

Yours sincerely

Razoanul Amin TalukderSazzad HossainTanzia Afrin Lopa

Sk. Abdul MukitGolam Kibria
135. 2005-2-10-136
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