Problems of a Manager's Schedule

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  • Published : April 1, 2012
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Yardstick Report
Presented to Marian Kaiser
Submitted by Matt Zgoda (004)
March 26, 2009

Here is the report you requested to be completed by March 26 in order to improve schedule writing in the workplace. It discusses the problems of our manager’s schedule and establishes criteria for selecting the most efficient way for managers to receive their schedule. It then evaluates three possible solutions and offers a recommendation based on the evaluation

Problem: Scheduling Writing

While our business continues to grow and remain strong, our schedule writing abilities for managers is suffering. Lower level managers such as myself often times get confused because many times there are many different schedules we must look at to obtain our full weekly schedule. Often times, two people write two different schedules, which makes things hard. It is confusing and frustrating and something must be corrected about this for our store to remain strong.

Solutions and Alternatives: Schedule Writing

While the rest of our store has remained strong in many different areas, schedule-writing standards have declined. Often times I see associates arriving to work too early or too late and them being late can be traced back to the way our schedules are put together. Often times our names will be on more than one different schedule for different areas of the store. I have developed three different solutions for this problem that if implemented would address this issue. Here is a list of my ideas: Letting low level managers create their own schedules, having only one person create the schedule, or having a computer create the schedule based on availability.

Establishing Criteria for Selecting a New Scheduling Process

In order to create a scheduling process that will work best for the company I have established criteria to go by in evaluating the suggested scheduling process. Below is the list of criteria I have used to help change the scheduling process:

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