Problems of the Uninsured

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 4 (1086 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Evaluating problems of the uninsured from a stakeholder perspective. Danamarie Julian
Ashford University

May 21, 2012

Evaluating problems of the uninsured from a stakeholder perspective.

Stakeholders are more than just external entities patients have now become major stakeholders because they are third-party payers. The rising cost of healthcare has now forced consumers (patients) to ensure they are receiving all that they pay for when using services to see a physician or they have to go to a specialist or hospital. Since patients want quality care but cost-effective care at the same time their interest is more vested in what their insurance covers and what all the costs are, especially when they have out of pocket co-pays. As a patient I would consider myself a stakeholder especially if I was uninsured because paying completely out of pocket I would do more research on the physician or the facility that I would be receiving treatment at to ensure I spent my money on the best care possible. Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association and the local United Way recently looked at this topic of healthcare reform and evaluated who the stakeholders are and how individuals not being insured can affect the country if it’s mandated that everyone purchase healthcare but the insurance doesn’t fit the needs of that particular consumer. The article says: The stakes are too high to make room for slapdash efforts that may do more harm than good. Fixing the broken pieces of the American health-care system must be done with care and requires input from all the stakeholders. That has been a great aspect of UHA and United Way efforts. They've looked at the issues from many different viewpoints and involved a variety of voices in the process. The single parent who's working two jobs to make ends meet has a different perspective -- and different needs -- than someone who can write a check to cover what insurance won't. And it's not just the cost of insurance. Personal...
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