Problems of Karachi

Topics: Law enforcement agency, Police, Drug Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Karachi: A problem?

Karachi is a heart of Pakistan carrying multi cultural values from all over the subcontinent and the economical hub, finance generator of Pakistan, generating 68% of revenue for Pakistan. Sudden and rapid growth of problems are taking place in the city due to which citizens from all walks of life are suffering, from business men to school children and students. Main cause of sudden growth may be the result of political rifts and differences amongst the political parties due to which citizens are largely suffering.

Pillion Riding Ban:
Pillion riding ban was imposed for 3 days last year in November which is still imposed. It has greatly increased the problems for the citizens and they are forced to travel in rickshaws, busses and taxies unwillingly paying unfair demanded fares. Knowing the problem that they cannot travel on bikes, drivers and bus conductors ultimately demand unfair fares and rents to their destination and due to which they often misbehave with passengers knowing that they (citizens) do not have any other option for travel. Besides the demand of unfair fare, other hitch is the increasing robbery and looting in busses. It is becoming the usual that armed robbers get in the busses, rob people without any hesitation and then get off from the bus at the next stop, no prominent cure is provided for this problem.

New fashion of transport strike (wheel jam) is increasing and it is not wrong to say that these strikes are being backed by the political party and mostly strikes are called for political motives. Yes! The motives are political but citizens suffer. A person who is earning on a daily basis won’t be able to earn because transport is not available due to strike and cannot travel on a bike along with his friend because there is a ban on pillion riding in the city and the same goes for the students and citizens from all walks of life. Citizens, who were caught doing pillion ridings for some reasons, were caught and...
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