Problems of Human Resources Development

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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Problems of Development

Even though Menme care has integrated human resources development into their strategic planning there are still some noticeable problems. One of the common problems that faced Menme care when offering training to its employees was staff resistance to learn new skills and change. Some members of staff that had been with the company for a long time were very reluctant to go on any training. This could be for many reasons such as anxiety around education and re-learning (particularly older employees). Also resistance to change, again this is for many reasons such as many employees sitting comfortable with current running of the company, the thought of having to learn new skills and ways of working can be daunting as well as time consuming. Another problem with Menme care is lack of funding for training. Although they successfully managed to train some of their staff to NVQ level 2 standards they were unable to progress anyone to level 3 due to no available funding. This is very frustrating as it not only limits staffs personal development progression but it also has a limit on what other jobs staff can apply for and limits their potential to move up into more responsible job roles and better paid jobs. Torrington et al. (2008) mentioned that most UK Company does not always give support to training and development compared to other European countries. This attitude of UK companies to training and development is also noticed in menme care as investment on training is not taken as an important issue. This could also be seen as why most staff stays in the same position for a long time as they lack the required skill and training to gain promotion for a higher position. Management at Menme have sent staff on training courses that have been a waste of staff time and company money. They have been unhelpful and not relevant to the work we do or issues faced within the team. They have touched on some issues relevant but have not been the correct...
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