Problems of Higher Education of the Usa

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The American system of education is well-known all over the world and is appreciated for high quality and big opportunities which open before students after graduating. 70 % of the most influential and profitable posts in the government, in noncommercial organizations and in private enterprises worldwide are occupied with the graduates of the American universities, who have degree of the Master. 98 % of graduates with degree of the Bachelor get job within 6 months after graduating. To get a degree of the Bachelor one needs as a rule 4 years, and to get a degree of the Master 2 years more. Americans attach much importance to higher education. They consider higher education necessary to become an informed voter of the country. Many Americans have also another views - they consider, if you get higher education you have more opportunities to gain higher income.

Problem №1 – financing
All educational institutions can be either state, or private, it depends on the funding source. Both private and the state educational institutions have three sources of the income: tuition fees from students, donations (payments which are done by rich philanthropists) and state financing. In the most prestigious colleges and universities such funds reach very large sizes: e.g. in such universities as Harward, Yale and Princeton funds are more than billion dollars. The major part of tax money accrues to the state educational institutions rather than to private ones.

Education which always has been one of the most essential family expenses in America becomes more and more expensive. This autumn average cost of a four-year educational course at the most inexpensive state universities has grown to 6,4 percent. And in private universities cost has grown on the average to 5,9 percent. Rise in the cost of education, at simultaneous depletion of state treasury and reduction of financing represents considerable threat for the future of country since good education becomes less...
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