Problems of High Foreign Labour Force

Topics: Unemployment, Economics, Human migration Pages: 6 (1819 words) Published: February 11, 2012
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This assignment is based on immigrant workers in Maldives and their impact on economical problem of high unemployment rate in the country. The assignment briefly gives an overview of who an immigrant worker is, how they affect unemployment rates in the country, along with suggested solutions to overcome these problems. Furthermore, the assignment will highlight upon the negative impacts on the economy due to illegal immigrants and suggested solutions for this problem as well.

Migration is a continuous process in today’s diversified world. People migrates for many different reasons namely; * Moving to a safer location
* Better employment opportunities
* Better healthcare facilities
* Better Education etc.
People coming into the country are known as immigrants and people moving out of the country as emigrants. The vast majority of them take place for employment reasons (Senior Immigration Officer Ibrahim Shifan, 2011). In Maldives, the vast majority of migrants include laborers from neighboring countries immigrating into Maldives in search of employment opportunities. The number of immigrants keeps increasing with an enormous amount of them coming into the country illegally. Due to this reason the unemployment rate of the country keeps escalating consequently. There are immigrant workers working in professional fields such as doctors, nurses, teachers etc. But most of the expatriate workers work in the construction sector. REASONS FOR HIGH FOREIGN LABOUR ATTRACTION INTO THE COUNTRY * The high wage gap between Maldives and its neighboring countries. The majority of South Asian countries are developing countries. In comparison, our standard of living and per capita income is much higher when compared to our neighboring countries (Shifan. I., Oct 2011). This attracts foreign workers coming for a better wage. * High unemployment rates in the bordering countries such as India, Srilanka etc. The unemployment rate of neighbor countries is high, making them it difficult for them to find work in their native. Therefore they search for employment opportunities in the immediate vicinity.

* Sudden boom in the construction industry of the Maldives In recent years, Maldives has experienced a sudden boom in the construction industry with the high demand for land in the capital city Male’. The need for cheap labour in the construction industry was met by the readily available cheap labour force of neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Srilanka etc.

* The remarkable economic growth in the Maldives during the past three decades. The economic growth has created multiple economic opportunities and thousands of jobs. The government has not been able to invest productively to create labor force for the economic demands, requiring the dependence on foreign professionals such as teachers etc. PROBLEMS FACED DUE TO INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF IMMIGRANT WORKERS The increasing number of expatriate workers is a challenging issue to the Maldives. The government over the years has tried different tactics to control the immigration of foreign workers into the country, but little has been accomplished. Due to the increasing number of immigrants, the country is facing overcrowding issues as well as depletion of foreign currency. We also face the increased pressure on infrastructure and health issues. Number of illegal immigrants also keeps escalating. Illegal immigrants are those people who immigrated into the country without proper documentations. They won’t have legal documents and work...
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