Problems of Employment After Graduating from University

Topics: Employment, Graduation, Academic dress Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Problems of employment after graduating from university
Majority of students graduated from universities face with unemployment problem. You just can’t find work after four, or even five years of hard work, sleepless nights, dozens of read books and articles. It’s not fair. People survived in this difficult period of their life often loose hopes for a brilliant career and do not work in their field. Unfortunately there are several issues causing it. The biggest matter among the others is our national mentality (if you understand what I mean). It is set that the 30.000 students are going to graduate from Azerbaijani universities this summer knowing just one thing, it’s that the party is over. Statistics shows that only one in three graduates is seeking for job. And they’re caught in different employer’s tricks like unpaid internships (they must be paid at least the miser salary in our republic according to the laws), bright headlines about “ an unforgettable experience and a guaranteed job ” etc. But what about the others? What do they do after graduating? So I have various versions on this topic. Let’s observe the main ones: 1) Student’s parents are wealthy enough and this fact lets them to provide their children with money. Children from these families are very naughty, lazy and idle. 2) Students after graduating are engaged in illegal work which is not included in the list of organizations viewed in the official report of the State Statistics Committee. And the reason is a devil-may-care attitude to education and knowledge gained in universities. May be they are sweepers, sellers running across the streets with newspapers, cigarettes, napkins, fizzy drinks etc., cab drivers, singers or dancers at pubs and clubs, or they’re shouting bus’s route at the bus stops? Is it a right job for an educated man? It’s a pity that the biggest part of people engaged in these types of job doesn’t realize that they deserve a better life, deceiving their selves with...
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