Problems of Education in Nigeria and Prospect

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J. Soc. Sci., 14(1): 81-86 (2007)

Educational System in Nigeria Problems and Prospects
L. O. Odia1 and S.I Omofonmwan 2 1. Universal Welfare Sustainable Community Development Center, Benin City, Nigeria 2. Department of Geography and Planning, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria E-mail: or KEYWORDS Education; problems; prospects; standards; research and development ABSTRACT This paper examines the problems and prospects of education in Nigeria. Education is the bedrock of development. But unfortunately Education in Nigeria is bisected with myriad’s of problems. These includes; poor funding and thus poor educational infrastructures, inadequate classrooms, teaching aids (projectors, Computers, Laboratories and libraries), paucity of quality teachers and poor / polluted learning environment. In addition to these inadequacies, our school system is plagued with numerous social vices such as examination malpractices, cultism, hooliganism and corruption. For meaningful development to take place in the educational sector; the government need to re-address the issue of funding. Private educational investors, teachers! Parents/guidance and students/pupils need a reorientation towards achieving the goals of education. Also education must be made affordable for all and sundry. The current monolistic approach to knowledge acquisition must be changed. Technical education and innovation/ adaptation centers must be encouraged and well funded, if this nation must move out of this present technological and scientific dependence. Government and the organized private sector must as well fund research programmes, inventions and mass production of invented products.

INTRODUCTION When the issue of Nigeria educational system today is raised, the first sets of thoughts that comes to mind are: decline in standard, deterioration of facilities, examination malpractices, mass promotion syndrome and the like before any other thing else. This calls for an in-depth study and analysis aimed at tutoring each and every stakeholders in the education system on how their actions and inactions have individually and collectively contributed to the collapsing state of education in Nigeria. In any case, knowledge and skill acquisition which education is all about cannot be over emphasized. According to the World Bank (1999: 25), “successful development entails more than investing in physical capital, or closing the gap in capital. It also entails acquiring and using knowledge as well as closing the gaps in knowledge”. Thus, to successfully confront the challenges of development, a developing country must undertake three major tasks: * Acquired and adapt global knowledge and create knowledge locally. * Invest in human capital to increase the ability to absorb and use knowledge; and * Invest in technologies to facilitate both acquisition and the absorption of knowledge. Similarly, Fafunwa (1979:26) defines education as “the aggregate of all the processes

by which a child or adult develops the abilities, attitudes and other forms of behaviour which are of positive value to the society in which he lives, that is to say, it is a process of disseminating knowledge either to ensure social control or to guarantee rational direction of the society or both.” Going by these explanation as to what education is, in relation to the state of education and its process in the country today as well as the attitude of its providers-Government at all levels and private investors; one with interest will be compelled to ask such questions as what has actually gone wrong considering the enormity of its effect on the output from the system in the area of productivity and the degree of acceptance in the labour market and educational institutions, especially outside the country. Response however, will be its militating factors stemming from the incidence of examination malpractice – poor facilities –...
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