Problems of Cultural Development in Kazakhstan Could Be Solved

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Problems of cultural development in Kazakhstan could be solved


Title: Problems of cultural development in Kazakhstan could be solved


Thesis statement: Due to decline of the cultural development in Kazakhstan the

government and the society should take definite and urgent measures to improve the


II Background of the Problem

A. History

1. Legacy of ancestors

2. Some achievements of Kazakhstan

III The first possible solution is to raise the intellectual development.

A. Advantages:

1. Young people’s background knowledge

2. Educating achievements in domestic and world culture

3. Receiving modern educational equipment.

B. Disadvantages:

1. Financial difficulties

2. Organizational problems

IV The second possible solution is to increase cultural valuables and saving

cultural heritage for future generations.

A. Advantages:

1. Discovering new talents

2. Support from government

B. Disadvantages:

1. Cost

2. Commercialization

V The third possible solution is to creating conditions for receiving general and

special education.

A. Advantages

1. More possibilities

2. More educated children

B. Disadvantages

1. Costly

2. Time

VI Conclusion-Recommendation

Even though the government has to invest money in educational process, the

last solution is the best because it has the advantages of the other alternatives

without major disadvantages. Therefore, I recommend that the Kazakh society

should keep in mind that the important strategic objective is to preserve the

traditions of the Kazakh culture for future generations and increasing the cultural

values ​​of the city. In the meantime, I suggest the government immediately take the

measures by supporting the society and creating new opportunities to develop the

culture of Kazakhstan. By being responsive to the citizens, government in essence

would try to unite with them for the success of their purpose to raise the cultural

development of the country.

The total well being and lifestyle potential of population in many cases determined

by stage to train and learning and social stage of people, their background knowledge and

perspective growth, and by available opportunity to receive and use required information.

These factors determine whether city community is involved in local, national and

international process of civil growth. Ways to train and learning, ethical concepts

and useful accessibility are the main features of religious and possible

development. Thus, development of viewpoint system to train and learning, social and

useful growth are the most important in growth of country. Due to decline of the cultural

development in Kazakhstan the government and the society should take definite and

urgent measures to improve the situation.

“One of the main success of the period of freedom is rebirth and

further growth of the Kazakh lifestyle and the societies and customs of social categories

existing in Kazakhstan. The growth of the Kazakh lifestyle promote socio-cultural and

ethical regrowth of community as a whole, as well as growth of social categories located

in Kazakhstan, the building up of worldwide interaction. In the years of freedom have

created a multitude of cultural and social facilities, art groups..”(Kornilov,2011).

Exclusive lifestyle and unique spirit of understanding and information of life which were

provided to us as a heritage of this wide area of Kazakhstan by our ancestors. This sense...
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