Problems of Airline System and How to Resolve Them

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Entity-relationship model, Object-oriented programming Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: April 26, 2013
The assignment is a major part of your grade. Follow instructions given and deliver as expected. No deviation, no forging of answers

The assignment should include the following:
A title/cover page,
Table of contents,
Introduction of what is to be undertaken
Executive Summary of the work undertaken
Proper Referencing and Bibliography

Your work should cover the following:

General description of the system tested,
Description of the current and potential information system problems Description of the purpose and scope of the study
Next, your work should document the information system requirements of what you tested


1. The project should address a real life situation and I suggest that you search the Internet for Business to Customer e-commerce systems that you can use. For example, the following are good sources:

a)airline (or train, cruise, concert, or other) ticket purchase b)shopping sites on the internet
c)Online banks and financial institutions
d)Online insurance (life, medical, homeowner, and others) purchase e)Rentals (car, video, audio, and others)
2. For the site you have chosen, identify the major operational functions of that a firm. 3. Document each function. Figure out the information system process used in each function, the inputs used, and the outputs generated. However, web pages alone will be inadequate. You have to use your knowledge about the industry/firm/function to identify other data used by the system. 4. Identify at least two problems or limitations related to the functionality. The limitations could be new functions that could be useful to a potential customer or improvements over existing functions. 5. Model the system using object-oriented analysis model.

6. Analyze the models and propose a new system.
7. Transform the models into detailed design


Deliverable: 1

Interact with the website to understand the functionality provided by the...
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