Problems in the News Media

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Problems in the News Media

Polls by USA Today found only 36 percent of Americans believe that news organizations get the facts straight. A surprising stat at quick glance, but turn on the evening news and ponder that stat again. It’s not just the news; it’s the news media in general. Whether it’s political agenda, greed, or for the pure sake of entertainment: the news media isn’t doing their job. The United States media is becoming like the rest of TV, purely entertaining, only focused on ratings the news media isn’t doing their job of informing the public with truthful information; they are a huge reason for the political hostility in the U.S. and changes must be applied: new management, laws on falsified news, maybe even the total gut of the news media but something must be done. The media isn’t doing their job, plain and simple. Whether it’s fake news, skewed news, or even not reporting a story period the news is letting down the people it was created to inform. A study found that 73 percent of adults in America have become more skeptical about the accuracy of their news. (DailySource). 73 percent! When almost ¾ of America believes their news may be false that is a major problem. Its like the boy who cried wolf, after so many times of reporting inaccurate news the public loses trust and that’s a big problem for Americans who should know what’s really going on in their country, not what the news media wants them to think is going on. 48 percent of the public sees misleading headlines in their paper more than once a week. (DailySource) Its not just cable news providing falsities, its just about every type of news media source. Newspapers are on the brink of extinction because of this reason, when false news is put out the public notices after a while and just starts getting their news from other sources such as the Internet. In October 2007, Reporters Sans Frontiers published their 2007 worldwide press freedom index, the U.S. ranked 48th. (Global...
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