Problems in Society

Topics: Forensic evidence, Fingerprint, Forensic science Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: February 27, 2013
1 What is physical evidence? . The value of properly collected physical evidence followed by examination and interpretation by the forensic. 2 What are elimination prints? Elimination prints are a set of the finger and palm prints given by a victim of a crime or anyone else who may have had legitimate access. 3 What is a corpus delicti? The foundation or material substance of a crime. 4 What is a standard of comparison used for? Usually, the control variable is used to compare an experiment and their experimental . 5 What are the two-prong standard established or required by Daubert? In Daubert, the Supreme Court ordered federal trial judges to be the gatekeepers of scientific evidence. Trial judges must now evaluate proffered expert witnesses to determine whether their testimony is both relevant and reliable a two-pronged test of admissibility. 6 Explain in details, what is forensic science? Forensic science technicians help investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. 7 What is ballistics and what does it attempt to prove? Forensic ballistics entails the examination of bullets and firearms in an attempt to identify particular weapons used. 8 When should latent fingerprints be photographed? Latent fingerprints are invisible to the naked eye under ordinary light, but. Latent prints develop immediately and should be photograph. 9 What does maintaining the chain of custody evidence refers to and why is it so important What are the most common errors made in collecting evidence? Consequently, in almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence will be found on a computer. Proper collection and examination of computer evidence is critical to avoid spoliation, to preserve the evidence, and to manage costs. If proper procedure is not followed during the acquisition of evidence, any data recovered may lose its admissibility as evidence. Below are some of the common errors made by organizations with regard to...
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