Problems in Implementing Un Framework on Business and Human Rights in Indian Organizations

Topics: Human rights, Risk management, Law Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: September 14, 2013

Problems in implementing UN Framework on Business and Human Rights in Indian Organizations

The three pillars of the UN Framework on Business and Human Rights * The state duty to protect against human rights abuses by third parties, including business, through appropriate policies, regulation, and adjudication; * The corporate responsibility to respect human rights, that is, to act with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others and address adverse impacts with which they are involved; and * The need for greater access by victims to effective remedy, both judicial and non-judicial. The Guiding Principles spell out the implications of the three pillars of the UN Framework for governments, businesses and other stakeholders. They are applicable to all governments and to all businesses in all situations. The Guiding Principles are based on extensive research and consultations with representatives from governments, business, civil society organizations, and legal and academic experts across all continents, and gained broad acceptance and support even before their adoption by the Human Rights Council. The Guiding Principles establish an authoritative global standard on the respective roles of businesses and governments in helping ensure that companies respect human rights in their own operations and through their business relationships.

Problems in implementing UN Framework on Business and Human Rights in Indian Organizations The Framework provided an authoritative focal point around which the expectations and actions of the various players could converge in this debate – business, government, civil society, investors and beyond. At its foundations is good risk management. Here companies should manage three overlapping sets of risks: the first is to the victims of corporate related human rights harm. The second risk is to companies themselves. This has come to be called stakeholder-related risk, or risks stemming...
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