Problems in China That Led to the Revolution of 1911

Topics: Qing Dynasty, First Opium War, Han Chinese Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Problems in China that led to the Revolution of 1911

Anti Manchu Sentiment

Internal crisis of Manchu Dynasty driven by the economic crisis

Clear social distinctions were made between the Han Chinese and the Manchus.

People of China wanted to develop in an international scenario and trade with European countries but the Manchu Dynasty did not. This led to hostility between China and the European Countries Opium Wars

Inflexible, close-minded (about commerce with Europe)

Bad harvests, warfare, rebellions, overpopulation, economic disasters, and foreign imperialism contributed to the dynasty’s collapse.

Manchu Dynasty was not able to control or adjust and get an efficient solution to China´s just arisen problems

Opium Wars

 There was a high demand for China’s tea ceramics, and silks in Great Britain but a low demand for Britain’s goods in China. Great Britain was in debt with China and they had to do something to get out. As a result, they turned to selling silver to make the imbalance better. China could care less about Great Britain’s silver so Great Britain was still behinds in payments.

 When selling silver did not work they began selling opium. Opium is an addictive drug grown in India, smoked from a pipe that comes from the seed of the papaver somniferum plant. China’s people became quickly addicted to the drug and traded silver, originally from Great Britain to get opium. Opium was illegal and China wanted the trade of opium to stop.

China tried to make new restrictions against foreign merchants and ships. Chinese officials wished to control the spread of opium, and confiscated supplies of opium from British traders. The British government, although not officially denying China's right to control imports, objected to this seizure and used its military power to enforce violent redress-

Britain won the war because they had better artillery, forcing China to sign the Treaty of Nanjing. 

In 1842,...
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