Problems Faced During Recession

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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1) Downsizing is when companies try to reduce costs by getting rid of a significant number of unnecessary workers. It can be spurred by new technologies or new business methods which render some of the workers redundant. It can also be spurred by simple desperation (budget crunches), or by a desire to leave low-profit markets. If your company isn't going to be selling widgets any longer, then all the workers involved in making and selling widgets become dead-weight in the organization.  2) People are used to being told what to do. The feel that once the learn how to do a given thing that there should be businesses out there that need to get it done, otherwise why would have they been taught to do it. The reason for the downsizing is that the companies that they work for are now offering products or services that are no longer in demand like they were. Rather that offering something else that is needed, they shrinkand eventually go out of business, and you lost your job. These millions of workers who have lost their old jobs that no one wants them to do have not figured out that they need to find out what people do want them to do...learn to do that...and they they have a job. The solution to not having a job lies within ourselves. If you need more help, get back and I will try to give more specificity.  3)    The complaints about not being able to find qualified people usually mean "not being to find qualified people at the salaries they want to pay". Not the same thing.

Recession unemployment rate :- Some 8.4 million jobs have been lost during the recession, the Labor Department reported Friday (US). That's three times the employment losses of the deep recession in the early 1980s.Robert Galbraith/Reuters ( Job Openings :- The silver lining is that more than 30,000 new jobs will be available in growth sectors such as construction,...
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