Problems Faced by Teenagers

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Problems Faced by Teenagers

By | November 2011
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. SELF IMAGE. Today's society supports the idea that none of us are EVER good enough. You're always too fat, too thin, your teeth are crooked, you have thin hair, or pimples, or a big butt, or a birthmark. You're too poor, you don't wear the right clothes, you're not smart enough, you're too smart...the list goes on and on. The pressure to be thin, gorgeous and wealthy has always been bad; nowadays it's at a fever pitch. This constant struggle has always been a big part of being a teen (or an adult), but with todays sensationalistic media shoved in our faces wherever we go---TV, magazines, news, internet, can't even go to the grocery store and NOT see a magazine telling you how to get thinner or suggesting some kind of plastic surgery. Add to that all these shows that promote physical and social perfection (plastic surgery shows, almost everything on Mtv, all these teenybopper sitcoms where everyone is gorgeous and rich) and you get one hell of a self esteem problem in teens (and adults, too). This leads to depression, anxiety, and obsessive behavior, which in turn leads to eating disorders, self mutilation, distorted body image, internal aggression and self hate.

2. Parents that don't take the time to love, have fun with, and discipline their kids/teens. Nowadays, both parents often have to work to make ends meet. Because of this, kids and teens are often left to their own devices. And when mom and dad get home, they can often be stressed and therefore not in a receptive mood to listen to their kids/teens. This in turn, can make a teen/kid feel ignored, and when someone feels ignored, they act out. Get into trouble. Hang with a bad crowd. Take risks. Try drugs. Have sex. Now, teens have always engaged in that type of behavior, but these days it starts earlier and earlier and by 13 years old, many teens have already lost their virginity, snuck out, tried drugs, etc. And instead of disciplining and listening and caring, the parent feels guilty, and so...

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