Problems Encountered by Women in Educational Sector of Bahawalpur

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JUNE 2012


VOL 4, NO 2

PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY WOMEN IN EDUCATION SECTOR OF BAHAWALPUR. Owais Shafique (Corresponding author) Department of Management Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Faiza Anwar, Sahaab Akbar, Uroosa Akhtar Khan Department of Management Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

As we all know that education is crucial in the development of any country. The main focus of this research is to identify the problems faced by working women in education sector. We discovered that most of the parents and certain relatives are supportive towards their daughter serving in the education sector. All our respondents strongly believed that the married women face greater challenges than unmarried women. Although their husbands are co-operative but there children are prominently neglected. Despite the supportive attitude of their parents unmarried women still face challenges like transportation and managing time between personal and social life. Most of the respondents, married or unmarried, believed that their salary and promotion system is not satisfactory for which they blame “Favouritism”. In spite of all the facts, our research concludes that the education sector of Bahawalpur for female teacher is fairly good. Keywords: Women, Education Sector, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

1. Introduction
Research is one of the most important methods to find the cause or reason of the difficulty and problem that the community is facing. Moreover it also gives us the possible solution of that problem as well. We set out to conduct a research on the topic of “Problems encountered by women in education sector of Bahawalpur” because we wanted to know about the level of problems that women encounter when serving this noble profession. A very little literature was available to us for this topic therefore we decided to conduct an exploratory empirical research to design a questionnaire and thereafter reach a conclusion.

2. Problem Statement
What are the problems, professional women face while working in educational sector (Govt. and Private)? There are two major aspects of life of professional women. First is related with their personal life and second is related to their job. 2.1 Purpose of Research Explore the problems faced by professional women in education sector. We may be able to find their professional and personal problems because of their job. To come up with the best alternatives to overcome the problems identified. Identify the problematic sector either Government or private. 2.2 Background and scope of Research At any time and in any context, women teachers are critical actors in education processes. In conflict and postconflict contexts, they have the potential to make a significant contribution to the long-term processes of peace building and reconstruction. The roles of women in schools are often defined in terms of their 'natural' affinities with young children, and their innate love of teaching and their ability to do it.

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JUNE 2012


VOL 4, NO 2

Our society lacks a broad and open minded approach towards professional women. In our society there are some limitations for women to go outside for professional purpose. Teaching in itself such a noble profession that we expect it to be an ideal profession for women. So we set out to find out the problems encountered by the women in the society and in the organization in the context of the education sector of Bahawalpur.

3. Literature Review
The characteristics of women’s way of working, leadership styles and skills are often undervalued (AEU). One commentator on masculinity, (Mclean, 1997, p. 13) points out in a paper on engaging with boys’ experience of...
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