Problems at JetBlue, the Airplane Company

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  • Published : January 22, 2011
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CheckPoint: Problems at Jet Blue
Jet Blue is an airline company that started in 2000. In the first few years of the life of Jet Blue they did great to capitalize. In the year 2006, it was the beginning of the company’s downfall. The management team at Jet Blue did not do a good job at thinking things through. Jet Blue had a problem and there were many issues that contributed to Jet Blues service shut down.

The first thing that the team at Jet Blue failed to do was to think ahead. They planned for success and not for failure. Jet Blue’s problem was not just technology but it was also the managerial problem. Jet Blue did not have the proper technology to help with the lost luggage. I would have had technology that kept track of the luggage that was lost. Obviously you do not want to think of disasters when planning to achieve but it is part of your job to think and plan for any kind of problem or disaster. The management team is also at fault for not having the information technology information needed to back up any kind of disaster. If I were the owner or if I were in charge of Jet Blue airlines then I would hire the best information technology team known to mankind. Information technology is very important when trying to get a job. The managers need to have knowledge and be able to compete with all other airlines.
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