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Topics: Water pollution, Lawn, Lawns Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Our rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and ground water are being polluted by chemicals. The leading ground water contaminant is from herbicide, pesticide and insecticides applied from most lawn care companies. In the new day and age going green is important. We should not continue to allow them to use these dangerous chemicals on our properties and in our neighborhoods.

The problem is that most companies use an active ingredient called 24-D in their weed control formulas, because of how well it works. It is used for dandelions, clover and other hard to control weeds. The only problem is it is a cancer causing agent. They apply it during windy days and even when it is raining. These chemicals can seep into the water supply you drink from, or into your pond or lake.

It all started when someone realized they could make money off killing weeds and fertilizing lawns for money. They grew the first company quickly after neighbors started seeing the results they were getting. His lawn looks better than mine I have to hire them too. Then another company opened and another. These companies have grown expectantly over the last forty years. Some of these companies have over a hundred locations throughout the U.S. now. There are more than twenty lawn care companies in our area and still growing.

One of the leading causes of water contaminant is run—off. This can happen when the ground is either saturated or frozen when a lawn application is applied. The soil can’t take in the materials and it runs off into a storm drain or into your lake or he pond. The other major cause of water pipe and pollute the water.

People with asthma or on a breathing machine can be seriously affected when a spray is applied in their neighborhood. The wind picks up or the treatment is applied next door to them. They can’t even go outside for hours after a spray is applied. Animals can also be affected by these sprays. For example, dogs are the most common house pet and they...
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