Problems and Prospects for Marketing of Rural Products : an Empirical Study of Tribal Regions (India)

Topics: Marketing, Rural economics, Marketing research Pages: 11 (3023 words) Published: March 7, 2013
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VSRD-IJBMR, Vol. 1 (10), 2011, 616-623


Problems and Prospects for Marketing of Rural Products : An Empirical Study of Tribal Regions (India) 1

Shubangi Rajput*, 2Bharat Siddhartha and 3Sanjeev Shukla

Purpose – The paper seeks to review problems and prospects of marketing of rural products. Design/Methodology/Approach – Reviews relevant academic literature and primary data collection and analysis of rural producers of tribal region i.e. south Rajasthan regarding problem undertaken for the study. Practical Implications – Review and data analysis validates and advocate focused efforts to improve the present status of rural producers. Originality/Value –A synthesis of the key contributory phenomena is presented with the help of extensive review and field data. Keywords: Rural Marketing, Artisans, Rajasthan, Non Farm Sector.

Inclusive Marketing is an approach that looks at the poor not only as consumers but also as producers/suppliers. At present these rural producers/suppliers are struggling to market their products and services due to various reasons such as Low Capital Labor ratio, preponderance of small land holdings, and excessive dependence on monsoons; massive unemployment and illiteracy. Apart from these, rural producers in both farm and nonfarm product categories are facing serious problems about technical and marketing knowledge. They are also ignorant about modern marketing issues like quality, delivery schedule, packaging, after-sales-service, etc. The pricing concepts are not aligned with consumer want and goods are produced without a proper market survey or ascertaining beforehand whether there is a demand ____________________________ 1 2

Assistant Professor, MBA Department, Lucknow Model Institute of Management, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. Lecturer, 3Reader, 2,3Department of Faculty of Commerce, VSSD College, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. *Correspondence :

Shubangi Rajput et al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. 1 (10), 2011

for a particular product. Consequently the rural producers are not able to give stiff competition to their urban counter parts. It is a matter of concern that the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector are growing at less than 3 per cent in India where the GDP growth rate (current estimates.) is approx 9%. The present study is confined to tribal region of Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of geographic area. Rajasthan is predominately habited by tribals. Tribal producers, suppliers and artisans old age traditional knowledge is still cherished not only in this region but outside also. This province is rich in natural resources and boosts a lot of cultural diversity. This tribal region is not economically well off and economic empowerment is a felt requirement today. There is a need to accord greater attention to rich and diverse cultural heritage, traditional crafts and customs of the country in general and this region in particular which are showing signs of neglect. There is a huge scope of market traditional rural products and services. Out of lots, “ethnic origin” and indigenous design and appearance” are two traits of rural products, attracting a premium in the market. Handicrafts, toys, apparels and food products, home furnishing are few such categories which can rewrite the success stories for its producers provided with effective market access. Against this back drop, the proposed study attempts to achieve following objectives:    To explore the prevalent scenario in the field of rural marketing in India. To understand the diversified rural product and service mix with in the tribal region of India. To interrogate selected rural producers, suppliers and artisans regarding the problems faced by them. To seek the opinions of representative of various facilitating agencies such as...
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