Problems and Adjustments Made by the First Year Students

Topics: Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City, University Pages: 11 (1997 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Problems and Adjustments Made by the First Year Students

Coming from Outside of Davao City

in Coping with the New Environment in Relation to their Studies


A Research Paper

Presented to


March 2011


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Table of Content


Background of the Study


Dependent Variable

Independent Variable

General Research Problem

Specific Research Problem

Hypotheses of the Study

Operational Definition of Terms

Significance of the Study

Scope and Delimitation




Survey Questionnaires


Background of the Study

Going to college is more than just "going back to school." The departure is a significant milestone in the life of a family and ushers in a time of separation and transition, requiring an adjustment on the part of parents, the college-bound teenager and the whole family. (

Since parents nowadays have been very particular in giving their children the best education, they enrol them in the best schools which are mostly found in the cities. They want them to become successful individuals in the future, to be able to help in the family business or be part in big companies; or simply they just want them to be happy and stable for whatever things they have accomplish. Other parents also expect them to finish their studies to be able to support them as they get older. They will be the ones who will care for them and provide their needs in exchange for their hard work.

Aside from the parents, the society also demands productive individuals. Teenagers are bound to meet the increasing standards of it. Our famous hero Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “The youth is the hope of the motherland.” It is the hope that aims to develop our nation, our society, our future and our own self. That is why parents send their children to school for them to be educated and to learn things in order for them to handle situations and problems around them. They have to strive hard just to provide the requirements needed by universities and institutions including the tuition fees.

Teenagers in return do their duties by studying their lessons and gaining good grades. Unfortunately, sacrifices are needed, financially, physiologically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, there are instances that they have to overcome many problems and undergo adjustments to cope up with their new environment so that their studies will not be affected.

College provides a time of socially recognized independence from parental rules and restrictions. Although the legal age of adulthood varies for such things as voting and drinking, going to college is an obvious sanctioned move towards independence. However, independence is not conferred automatically at a certain age or in a specific place. It is achieved by practicing how to think for oneself and take responsibility for one's actions. College students can feel invincible and able to take risks. But both the opportunities and the consequences can be high. The college freshman will be confronted with abundant pressures related to social situations - sex, drugs and alcohol. With respect to academics, students today are feeling increasing pressure to know what they want to do, pick a career path and plan for their futures. This pressure is causing unfortunate substance abuse, anxiety and even depression.


While time spent at college is a fond memory and a happy experience for most, college life is not without its rough patches and problems. While each person’s problems are unique to their current circumstances, I know that there are a few problems that almost all college students deal with at least once...
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