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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Taylor Lukas
January 26, 2011
Block H

A Little About Me

Yesterday I had my first class in English9A with Mrs. O'Donnell. We were assigned a five paragraph essay to do about ourselves, honestly I love writing, but I hate writing about myself because then I question myself on what to write. You are going to read more about my life and I hope that your expression after you do is, "Wow."

I am going to simply start off with, my full name is Taylor Rose Lukas, I am fifteen years young at the moment and I am working on sixteen on March 1st. I moved to Southwick in my first year of sixth grade from agawam, yes i stayed back which was probably one of the best and worst things that ever happened to me. I was an only child till I was thirteen and that is when my pride and joy showed up, Madison Sierra Wellspeak. I live with my mother, Desiree Hegedus, and her friend Sean rents out our basement. I have a dog who I love but can get on everyone's nerves, and I also have a cat and a bird. The cat is my favorite since I was the one who rescued her. Like every other teenage girl, I like someone who I was with almost everyday over the summer and knows my lifestyle at home and everywhere else inside and out. That is a little bit on my home life and who I am at home.

Now for the bestfriends, and the besties. To start off my bestfriend in the entire world that has been there for me everyday since I moved here. Her name would be Kellie Marie Laroche. I love her with everything I have because I know she will never leave my side. Her and I are so much like eachother it is kind of scary. She lives down the street from me so I am with her almost everyday. Her and I want to get an appartment together and share rent in her senior year and my junior year. Now I have another girl but I call her my bestie. Her name is Alexa Lynn Dearden, and her and I fight like we are sisters like we are now. I haven't really been talking to her much because of the fight but I still love her. Her...
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