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Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 15, 2013

The Effects of Divorce
Divorce rates are on the rise in the world these days. Way? A lot of people are married but some have problems in their marriages for different reasons like infidelity, marrying too young or too much arguing. Such marriages of ten end with divorce. Divorce has devastations effects on children’s mental heac the family life and the woman herself. First, divorce affects children’s in different way but the most serious effects is on their mental health “children are always the losers in divorce.” When a couples divorces, their children blame themselves because they think they are the reason for divorce. According to clinician and therapists, children get caught in the middle of the parent’s animosity during separation. Also because, divorce can damage children; they may have a lot of problems like anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse, bedwetting, anger problems, and sleep disorders. The number of children affected each year by divorce is one million around the world for example, when my cousin’s parents divorced, he had a lot of problems; on of them was bedwetting and anger. It is important for “the divorcing couple” to work hard to help their children to maintain stability. Research sows that 38% pf parents go to doctor to protect their children. In addition to affecting children, divorce affects family life. With divorce, a lot of things change for each parson in the family in different ways. When the parents separate every one have different homes and systems. As a consequence of this, family routines change, for example food times, sleep, new rules and celebrations. Also, there is financial distress because of divorce including separation of money, home and car. Also, that encounter different people for instance, when the mother or father marry again, they live with a stepfather or stepmother. Who have different minds. Third effect is the stigma of divorce on woman. It is hard for the woman because...
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