Problem Statement Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Management, Intranet, Performance Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: September 27, 2008
Create a Problem Statement: Kudler Fine Foods
Team B began our discussion of the issues involved with Kudler Fine Foods based on the information provided in the virtual internet/intranet web site (University of Phoenix, 2008). Team members identified many issues within the organization including inventory turnover and wasted food, high payroll costs, lack of financial understanding and potential competition but the one area that we all agreed was the largest issue is the lack of delegation of duties by the company president. I chose to focus on the issue of human resources within the team to analyze how improvements in this area will benefit Kudler Fine Foods. I have developed the following problem statement: Kudler Fine Foods will create a management team to operate effectively at optimum efficiency by allowing team members to develop and enhance skills in their specialty area. In the mission statement on the first page of the intranet for Kudler Fine Foods, employees are referred to as team members. However, Kathy Kudler, President and founder, has not allowed herself to place the trust and responsibility of performing daily duties into the hands of the qualified team members she has hired for each role. The organizational chart shows three directors, three store managers, six store assistant managers and a department manager for each department in each store. In addition, each department has an assistant manager. Under all these positions are clerical and support staff. Of the one hundred twenty-seven employees of Kudler Fine Foods, twenty-seven are in an official or manager role, according to the EEOC report on the intranet site (University of Phoenix, 2008). Since Kathy has chosen to have an administrative staff comprising 21% of the total workforce, she must allow them to perform their duties as indicated in their respective job descriptions. I reviewed the human resources pages of the intranet site and employee evaluations show that the...
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