Problem Solving Process

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Write a 300-350 word paper in which you identify a situation in your life, or in the life of someone you know, that is distressing to you. Examples of situations could include working for an unfair boss, having a fear of being laid off, considering ending an unhappy relationship, experiencing behavior problems with children, or being on academic probation.

A situation in my life that is distressing to me is being on academic probation. What is academic probation? Academic probation is when students whose "term" or semester GPA falls below 1.5 for one term, must attain a minimum of a 2.0 "term" GPA by the end of the following semester and an overall GPA of 2.0 or better. Students who do not attain this become subject to dismissal.

Being on academic probation is hard because it means that I need to re-evaluate my time spent doing class work. With how I accomplish my tasks now is not working with my maximum potential and is causing me to not learn at my maximum output. This situation is a issue because it has passed the problem stage where it can be changed easily. It is an issue because it is effecting my learning ability. I will have the next 4 classes to change my GPA to over a 2.0. The way I determined this to be a issue and not a problem is that a problem stems from a beginning where an issue stems from the problem. The problem is participation in class and my assignments, the issue is my will to get these done on time.

A way for me to solve my probation problem would be that I will be focusing more on my classes and assignments. Getting the full value of my college experience so that I can achieve the most I can in my field of study. Getting assignments and discussion questions in on time and participate the most I can possible so that I can gain the most from my college assignments and weeks as I can.
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