Problem Solving Methods, Nursing

Topics: Problem solving, Problem, Cognition Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Two very important competencies for health professionals in problem solving & decision making.there are 5 steps on problem solving and decision making.

Step 1:
Now we are going to identifying the problem. It's not always simple as it sounds. Identifying the real nature of problems requires a willingness to observe, pay attention,and comfort difficult issues. Denying problems does not make them go away. Because , if you don't address them, the problem tend to get worse.having take any action to resolve them. It turns out that the real problem is actually what caused the poor evaluation, not the evaluation it self.this is why accepting responsibility for a problem makes it possible to start going something about it.

Accurate and reliable information , for you to solve a problem. Acting on assumption,believe not based on facts or knowlege.there are many method for gathering information, review what is already know Collect the objective data signs

Collect subjective data,also know as symptoms. Conduct research:what are the facts, are they reliable, are they scientifically for help:who has useful knowlege

Create a list if alternative is the third step in problem solving.generate ideas for solutions and actions, based on the information collected. All possibilities should be considered before one is selected.It is essential to think though each one and consider the likely consequences,both positive and negative.

Choose an alternative and take action. Failure to act,problem solving and decision making difficult and critical.You missed opportunities and accomplishment, not realized when there is no follow-through.

Finally step5 evaluate and revise as needed,reviewing the results of the actions talking when going evaluation,change of circumstances,negativity and consequences.It is sometimes necessary to make adjustments or choose another...
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