Problem Solving and Disney

Topics: Problem solving, Decision theory, Microsoft PowerPoint Pages: 5 (867 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Assessment 3a (20%)
Where in the World is Disney?
• Team Presentation 5%
• Team Problem Solving 5%
• Individual Research Component 10%
Disney has been beset by expansion problems in each of their overseas theme parks. Disney Corporation wants to expand its operations globally and is considering several options. A major consideration in Disney’s plans is its desire to reach out to other cultures. Three of its previous expansion sites are Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Reading the support material on Disney and the cultural reading Hill (2007) describe how would you advise the Disney Corporation on their next expansion project. The global site for Disney has considerable resources for this assessment.  Total time allowed: 240 minutes:

• Week 6:  60 min in class for planning, team roles, initial research and problem solving • Week 7:  90 min for problem solving, planning for presentation • Week 8: 90 minutes for collation of report and preparation and delivery of presentation For this assessment your team will investigate 3 possible locations for Disney to expand into. Your team will research and apply problem-solving techniques in order to make a decision on the best choice for Disney’s next expansion. Your team will need to pay particular attention to cultural considerations. Your findings will be presented to the Disney Board in 2 formats: Presentation (8 minutes, 10-15 slides)

• Detailing the problem solving teachniques used to arrive at the location recommendation Report (2000-2500 words)
• Detailing the research conducted on the background of each location, cultural issues for Disney, selection criteria used for selecting location and reporting of success for Disney. As a team you will complete and be assessed on:

• Problem Solving – Brainstorm, mindmapping, KT decision and situation analysis and Duncker diagram. • Presentation – Pitch, introduction, energy, transition, conclusion. As an individual you will complete and be assessed on:

• Your individual research component
• Tasks assigned to your team role – leader, or researcher. Deliverables required to successfully complete assessment requirements: Problem Solving Steps
As a team you will need to complete the following problem solving steps in order to make a decision on the desired location. • Step 1- Brainstorm/Mindmap Selection Criteria for Disney • Step 2- Brainstorm/Mindmap Strengths and Weaknesses of each location • Step 3- Develop from Steps 1 and 2 a list of musts/wants for selection of location • Step 4- Apply list to KT Decision Analysis

• Step 5- For selected location highlight the main problems/issues • Step 6- Apply KT Situation Analysis to top ranked problem for chosen location • Step 7- Apply Duncker Diagram for generation of possible solutions for top ranked problem of chosen location.

Presentation delivered in week 8 involving all team members being present and contributing to the preparation of the presentation. The presentation is to be 8 minutes. It is expected that all team members will present. Good business presentations use: • Elevator pitch starts

• Snappy Introductions & conclusions
• Smooth transitions between speakers
• Innovative use of props
• High consistent energy levels
• Effective use of time

Powerpoint Slide Show
Powerpoint presentation (10-15 slides) including problem solving steps as listed above.

Report (2000-2500 words)
Your written report (2000-2500) must use the headings listed below, use Harvard Referencing in the text and reference list and provide evidence of research using at least 15-25 references, 50% journal/book).You must submit a full originality report from Turnitin with your final report. The report is to include research done by individuals covering the following areas: • Business, Culture and Disney

• Candidate City Background
• Disney...
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