Problem Solving and Ambition

Topics: Problem solving, Life, Goal Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: May 8, 2013

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Item| Page|
1.0 Introduction| 3|
1.2 Definition of ambition| 3|
1.3 Constructive Ambition| 4|
1.3.1 Definition of Constructive Ambition| 4|
1.3.2 Example of Constructive Ambition| 4-5|
1.4 Destructive Ambition| 5|
1.4.1 Definition of Destructive Ambition:| 5|
1.5 Personal experience with ambition| 6|
6.0 bibliography| 7|

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

1.1 Introduction:
Many people have different ambitions in life so the word ambition would have different definitions, depending on whom you ask. To me ambition is an urge desire to achieve your goals or succeed. Ambition leads you to dedication, motivation and determination. Ambition is a feeling that is driven from within. In other words it is the sum of two factors; force and goal. In this essay, I will define "ambition", the different effects of ambition, and at last, I will talk about my personal experience with ambition. 1.2 Definition of Ambition

Ambition is the motive force needed to propel all of us to work towards our set cherished goals. It is the force that drives us to accomplish goals that are within or beyond one’s natural abilities. Nevertheless ambition has the power to corrupt and completely alter one’s sense of reality and morality. Different people have different ambitions in life. The nature of ambition varies from persons to person. It depends upon one's family background, upbringing, social status and economic condition.

1.3 Constructive Ambition
1.3.1 Definition of Constructive Ambition
Constructive ambition is the kind of ambition that drives a positive force to achieve our divine goals. There are many different situations in which being ambitious can be good characteristics. Nothing can be accomplished without some sort of positive ambition. For example, if you are trying to reach a goal, such as going to college, you must have ambition. You must have the...
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