Problem Solving

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Review the section in your text on problem-solving. As you review, consider the following question: Do you use a problem-solving process?

Being a supervisor, I use problem-solving on a daily basis. There is always a process that I have to use. The other week I had to figure out the theory that one of my employees was dealing with a certain situation. But from now on I will use the steps that have been given in chapter seven. I’m always falling into obstacles with this one employee making sure that I’m following all the procedures according to the unions that way I’m protecting myself but then it causes me to re-strategize everything.

· Complete the activity at the following Web site: · Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each:
 Doing this activity I was a challenge. Actually I was not able to get pass the screen after the trying to get the animals across the river. After thinking it all thru being the person on the raft and only having space on the raft for one animal. However, thinking of the strategy that I would use would be to take the dog and place the mouse in my pocket and carry those two over since I can’t leave the mouse with the cat and the cat with the dog. I first had to figure out what the problem is. And it was clear that the person on the raft had to transport the animals but cannot have certain animals left alone. The obstacles that I was encountering while doing the activity was that I couldn’t figure out the final outcome. I tried almost everything. And I say almost because if I was able to figure it out then I would have tried everything. I dealt with trial and error pretty much the entire time. This process was placing the animals one at a time on the raft. The error was when the animal would eat the other. As I was working on this activity I think that hill climbing can come into play as I decided to move one animal I was getting closer and closer to my outcome. I now am...
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