Problem Solution: Global Communications

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

By | June 2007
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Problem Solution: Global Communications
Michael Draper
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications
Global Communications (GC), a telecommunications company, has had some trouble of late. With many more competitors entering the marketplace and profits dwindling, it has become necessary for the leadership at GC to come up with a strategy to take the company global and become an industry leader. Senior management's recent actions have created hostilities among many of the stakeholder groups. This paper will describe the events that have taken place thus far, give the reader a clear understanding of who the stakeholders are, and discuss what opportunities exist for GC. The company will have to implement some new strategies if they are to realize their goals. This paper will explore those strategies and build on them, identify risks, and ultimately lay out an optimal solution for GC to implement. The internal and external pressures that GC faces will be discussed.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
GC has been through several events that have led to their current situation. With GC stock depreciating more than 50 percent over the last three years it is no wonder that investors are concerned about the company's ability to rebound. There is increased competition coming from local, long-distance and international companies. The senior management team at GC took a proposal to the board without "brainstorming" with key stakeholders, namely the employees and the labor union (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002, Chap. 19). GC leadership has already reduced educational and health benefits and now proposes to cut jobs and salaries. This proposal has created "dysfunctional conflict" among the employees, the labor union, and senior management (Kreitner & Kinick, 2004, Chap. 14). With the public announcement of its outsourcing plan, GC has contradicted its philosophy: "Our...

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