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A Guide to Problem and Solution Essays
How to Argue Your Solution

What’s a problem and solution essay anyway?
If there’s a problem, there usually is a solution and even when there’s not a definite solution, there are people arguing over which solution is best Problem/solution assignments don’t have to be essays, they could be a geometric proof, a lab experiment or political science question in social science

How do I organize this thing?
Before you get started on the essay, you need to organize your ideas in some sort of prewrite There are prewriting ideas in the pre-writing section of this website or you can use the following graph as guideline Note that you do not have to organize your paper like this particular model- there are many choices in developing your organization Problem Put the problem you’ll be analyzing here Put your thesis (main solution) here Bullet your points that support your solution here (these will become your supporting paragraphs Address arguments that oppose your solution as well as other solutions. Be sure to explain the importance of the information


Refutation and or conclusion paragraph

Problem/Solution Pre-write Example
Problem Solution Cigarette Smoking
Offer help to those who are addicted and create programs to prevent new addicts. •Educate youths at an earlier age •Make patches, gum and other nicotine programs more affordable •Charge more for cigarettes •Educate families through the media, news and medical services

Refutation/ Conclusion

Some will argue it’s against their freedoms to phase this habit out but second smoke takes the rights and lives away from others Some will argue it’s too late to help those who are addicted but with the right support and accessibility for help they can quit

So what’s my thesis?
Your thesis may vary depending on what your topic is, who your audience is and how much information you have Your thesis could argue for one main solution “Although many disagree,...
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