Problem or Issue Investigation and Solution

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Danielle Zemko
Problem or Issue Investigation and Solution
October 29, 2012

Unfortunately, just recently my brother in-law lost his job because the company he worked for shut down, letting go of every employee there was. Fortunately, my sister was trying to get a job for the same exact company, but she did not get the position. This is fortunate because if she did my sister would be out of a job also. They are now struggling with only one income and are coming to the realization that they cannot afford what they were able to before. They are thinking about moving in with relatives and cutting down on expenses majorly. My poor brother in-law is desperately looking for a job. He has an education and has a great resume, but the jobs just are not out there right now. My sister is working overtime and is trying to make up for their income cut, but it is impossible for her to work that many hours. Even though it was not my brother in-law’s fault, he still feels responsible for being currently unemployed. Not only will my sister and he husband be out of a home, but his brother also lives with them, which will send him out on the street also. It is a good thing that my side of the family is willing to help and be there for them, because his side of the family is not so willing. The most helpful resource that they could use to help in their research is the internet. The first thing that came to mind is to use websites like and to help bring currently available jobs to their attention. Also, this would help them investigate what the job market is like in the area they are currently living in. Another helpful tool provided by the internet is social networking. My brother-in-law could contact a large amount of people in a short amount of time through social networking sites like or He could inform his friends, family and associates that he is currently searching for new employment and what type...
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