Problem of Our Community

Topics: Mongolia, City, Central heating Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Describe a problem in your community that affects you, how it affects you and what you believe should be done to solve the problem.

As I was young child Ulaanbaatar city was beautiful small city. In winter there was enough dick snow to play on it. Just little number of cars had not made a big trouble. Ulaanbaatar city is located between 4 big mountains and initially build only for 400 thousand inhabitants. After several extreme cold and harsh winters, many farmers have lost their belongings such as livestock. Poor and unemployed people started to migrate to the city. Now the city has more than 1 million citizens. The ex-farmers were semi nomadic and they do not give up their living style even they migrated to the city. They live in yurts (“Ger”, a tent covered with felt). Because of their missing documents and lack of working skills they can not find jobs in city. Of course most of them have not devices which connected to the central heating system and also waste water channels. Mongolians usually burn woods or coals in winter time to heat the gers. But because the new poor immigrants can not buy such things, they burn everything what they can found. For example wastes as old aged tires, chemicals and so on. Nowadays 60 percent of city inhabitants live in ger area using old traditional heating cabins (small box of iron, in which things burned). In winter time, the city is covered by smog. Nobody can breathe freely. Traffic is another issue. As I was a school pupil I had never seen traffic jam. But now I can see the spectacle everyday. Drivers are angry and cars are noisy. Some people sticks two hours just to drive 4-5 km. Most cars are older than 10 years or so called “second…”, “third hand” cars imported from Japan and Korea. Because of its old age and environmental aspects these cars would not allowed being used in developed countries. Now Ulaanbaatar city is one of ugliest city in Asia with its smog, traffic and old cars. I see the problem in...
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