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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Noise pollution is displeasing or excessive noise that may disrupt the activity or balance of human or animal life. According to Environment Protection Act 1993, anyone doing something that pollutes or might pollute the environment to take all reasonable measures to prevent or minimise environmental harm or nuisance (Environment Protection Authority, 2013). This report investigates that how and where Victorian people are facing noise pollution problem from their neighbours and how generally they are reacting in that situation. In total of five members were sent questionnaire enquiring them about their experiences. FACT AND FINDINGS

1.Among those members most of them are living in urban area (4 out of 5) and rest of it lives in City-Centre.

2.Sound problems (2 out of 5) and traffic problems (2 out of 5) are the most common noise problem identified by the respondents, because high noise after 10 PM and too much traffic on residential areas in after-hours makes huge noise pollution. One of the member said that parking problem can be a problem from neighbours as well.

3.Most of the respondents says that they inform about the noise pollution to their neighbours physically (2 out of 4), however, some of them use other communication medias, such as email, mail etc. to contact with them. 4.Generally respondents complain to council, if no action taken after communicating with neighbours. However, some of them complain to police as well.


Noise pollution from neighbour a common scenario these days in Victoria, specially in urban area. Usually, after hours high volume sound, over traffic, parking problem, frequent parties make noise pollution. It can be affected to many neighbours in many ways. However, taking some proper steps (i.e. inform them physically) may reduce the problem mutually; otherwise strong steps can be taken as well.


The best approach for dealing with noisy neighbours is to talk to...
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