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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Problem Formulation Research and Theory Analysis
Reggie Autrey
University of Phoenix
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJA 433
Theodore J. Smith III , ESQ.
July 26, 2009

Problem Formulation Research and Theory Analysis
This paper will cover GPS Monitoring in Pinellas County for sex offenders. During the summer of 2006 election was heating up in reference to sex offenders and monitoring GPS devices. Proposition 83, called for Jessica’s Law was on the California ballot. The reason for this proposition was to have all sex offenders wear this device and be monitored at all times. Other states wanted this proposition to pass so it could be enforce in their state. During the 2006 election proposition 83 received a lot of attention throughout the state for Jessica’s Law. In this section I will identify the purpose of the research study, the research problem if any, and the research questions. The crime analyst of San Diego Julie Wartell was asked to conduct this research and conduct a variety of maps and analyses to show policymakers, law enforcement, community organizations a clear understanding of Jessica’s Law. This research of the geographic information system (GIS) was able to provide a percentage of registered sex offenders who were living in areas of concern of Jessica’s Law. There have been many jurisdictions across the country that has been using the geographic information system. The purpose for this research was to advise the communities how restriction will affect recidivism. The analyst of Jessica’s Law provided information on location availability for sex offender residency if this law passed. This analyst was conducted to educate the San Diego community and law enforcement to show o possible problems that the city may face. The maps were provided after the analyst was done to show the areas that could and could not be available for sex offenders. The study was provided to...
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