Problem Areas in Legal Ethics

Topics: Lawyer, Law, Perjury Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: March 9, 2013

1. PAGUIO, Kristine Joy
2. ESPADILLA, Marie Antoiennette
3. BANAAG, Ma. Cristina
4. SALVADOR, Francis

1. When Atty. Romualdo interviewed his client, Vicente, who is accused of murder, the latter confessed that he killed the victim in cold blood. Vicente also said that when he takes the witness stand, he will deny having done so. Is Atty. Romualdo obliged, under his oath as lawyer, to inform the judge that [a] his client is guilty and

[b] his client will commit perjury on the witness stand? Explain. (4% 2009 QUESTION

2. Christine was appointed counsel de oficio for Zuma, who was accused of raping his own daughter. Zuma pleaded not guilty but thereafter privately admitted to Christine that he did commit the crime charged. a. In light of Zuma’s admission, what should Christine do? Explain. (3%) b. Can Christine disclose the admission of Zuma to the court? Why or why not? (2%) c. Can Christine withdraw as counsel of Zuma should he insist in going to trial? Explain. (3%) 2008 QUESTION 3. In 1998, Acaramba, a telecommunications company, signed a retainer agreement with Bianca & Sophia Law Office (B & S) for the latter’s legal services for a fee of P2,000 a month. From 1998 to 2001, the only service actually performed by B & S for Acaramba was the review of a lease agreement and representation of Acaramba as a complainant in a bouncing checks case. Acaramba stopped paying retainer fees in 2002 and terminated its retainer agreement with B & S in 2005. In 2007, Temavous, another telecommunications company, requested B & S to act as its counsel in the following transactions: (a) the acquisition of Acaramba; and (b) the acquisition of Super-6, a company engaged in the power business.

In which transactions, if any, can Bianca & Sophia Law Office represent Temavous? Explain fully. (7%)2008 QUESTION
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