Probems Encountered in Immersion

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Problems Encountered and Coping Mechanisms
The five Saturdays were not all easy paves and smooth ways for group Honest. The whole field immersion was not effortless, at all; there were problems and some circumstances that the team had encountered during the times of engaging in the community. There was the problem of shortage of budget which was probably prime concern of the team since without enough funds the project would not be done in order to meet the needs of the community.

In addition, the Honest group also encountered the problem about their project which is the water pump. There are two available water pump tube in the area, the other one was removed because of the severe damage or destroyed and cannot be use anymore. As a result, the group Honest decided to install a new one. Unfortunately, the new water pump is not working because of the damage underneath the tube for the reason that it was very rusty already. So the group Honest and the people in the community decided to interchange the two water pump since the new one is better than the old one. The flow of the water in the new water pump is stronger than the other one. Lastly, on our fifth Saturday, the members of the group Honest were forced to contribute another set of amount in order for their funds to meet the demand of their plan which is the Culminating Program. The team proved that not all things started worse would end the same as hoe it started as long as one i open for alternative ideas and is ready for what is to come.

so the team decided to give another pump but the problem is that the tube underneath became rusty and cannot get enough water.
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