Probation and Parole

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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Tramain Clay

Probation and Parole

Oct. 18, 2011

Ch.8 Probation and Parole Officers

Law Enforcement, Treatment, and A blend of the two.
Control, Social Services, and Combined.
The broker/advocate role links clients to needed services, with little concern for the relationship between officer and client. The P/P officer as law enforcement agents is related to the control model of supervision in much the same way as the treatment or broker/advocate role is related to the social services model. 1.)Officers are not permitted to carry firearms based on either state law or agency policy. 2.) Officers are by statute peace/law enforcement officers, but the agency either restricts or discourages the carrying of weapons. 3.) Officers are by statute peace/law enforcement officers, and the agency permits or requires personnel to carry firearms. Over whether or not P/P officers should be responsible for arresting P/P violators or whether this should be left to the police. If a P/P officer is trained in law enforcement and firearms, he or she should have the same privilege of carrying a weapon off-duty as do almost all other peace officers. The Court noted that “parolees, who are on the 'continuum' of state-imposed punishments, have fewer expectations of privacy than probationers, because parole is more akin to imprisonment than probation is;” exclusionary rules applies to parole violation hearings. Merit, Appointment, and Combined.

Basic Knowledge, Individual Characteristics, P/P Agency, and other agencies. Some P/P agencies and staff members are critical of the use of volunteers. They may view the efforts of volunteers as interference with their prerogatives or may be concerned about sharing information with volunteers because of the confidential aspect of P/P practice. One-to-one model, Supervision model, Professional model, and Administrative model. P/P officers may be vulnerable to civil liability for such wrongs as...
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