Probable Probability; Rolling Dice

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Probable Probability;
Rolling Dice

Statistics is based upon based upon common sense and logic, in a complex data. Probability is just one of the many topics in statistical mathematics. It is used in our daily life, all over the world. Even games, require taking a chance and using probability to determine the predicted outcomes.

Probability is the measure of how often a particular event will happen if something is done repeatedly, (596 Webster’s Dictionary). You cannot determine any events that will happen in the future, because there is always a chance that something odd will happen, (Linn 39-40).

Probability originally started for the purpose and attempt to analyze games of chance. Probability is also used in determining the outcomes of an experiment. Sample space is the collection of all results. Probability is a way to assign every event a value between zero and one.

What is the probability of rolling a pair of dice, or a deck of cards, or a jar of marbles? What is the probability of conceiving a boy or a girl? Many more are determined by the usage of the probability method.

Probability is used to represent the likelihood that odds of winning a random drawing chance of rolling a seven when rolling two dice. When rolling a six-sided die there are six possible events that correspond to the six face of the die that contains either one, two, three, four, five, and six dots. Rolling a die and turning up an even number of dots would be one example, (2, 4, and 6).

Probabilities are formally written as decimals in the range of 0-1. Meaning the event occurred. Meaning a certain event must occur. When rolling a die, getting a seven, eight, or nine or more dots is an impossible event. Two dots or fewer are a certain event.

Probabilities can also be written informally in percentage for example 50-50-%. There is no negative probability chance. The probability of getting a face that has two dots on a die is 1/6(1....
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