Probability Theory

Topics: Probability theory, Probability, Event Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Hey guys, this is the probability Assignment. Last date for submission is 10 aug...

Q1. What is the probability of picking a card that was either red or black?

Q2. A problem in statistics is given to 5 students A, B, C, D, E. Their chances of solving it are ½,1/3,1/4,1/5,1/6. What is the probability that the problem will be solved?

Q3. A person is known to hit the target in 3 out of 4 shots whereas another person is known to hit the target in 2 out of 3 shots. Find the probability that the target being hit at all when they both try?

Q4. An investment consultant predicts that the odds against price of a certain stock will go up during the next week are 2:1 and the odds in the favor of the price remaining the same are 1:3.What is the probability that the price of the stock will go down during eth next week?

Q5. A bag contains 10 White and 6 Black balls. 4 balls are successfully drawn out and not replaced. What is the probability that they are alternately of different colors?

Q6.In a multiple-choice question there are 4 alternative answers, of which one or more are correct. A candidate will get marks in the question only if he ticks all the correct answers. The candidate decides to tick answers at random. If he is allowed up to 3 chances to answer the question, find the probability that he will get marks in the question?

Q7. A and B are two independent events. The probability that both occur simultaneously is 1/6 and the probability that neither occurs is 1/3. Find the probability of occurrence of event A and B separately?

Q8. Three screws are drawn at random from a lot of 10 screws containing 4 defective. Find the probability that all the 3 screws drawn are non-defective. Assuming the screws are drawn (i) With replacement (ii) Without replacement

Q9. What is the probability that a leap year selected at random will contain 53 Sundays?

Q10. An article manufactured by a company consists of two parts A and B. In the process of...
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