Probability Ratios

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Profitability ratios
Profitability ratios measure the company's use of its assets and control of its expenses to generate an acceptable rate of return Gross margin, Gross profit margin or Gross Profit Rate[7][8]  :::OR :::

Operating margin, Operating Income Margin, Operating profit margin or Return on sales (ROS)[8][9]

Note: Operating income is the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses, but it is also sometimes used as a synonym for EBIT and operating profit.[10] This is true if the firm has no non-operating income. (Earnings before interest and taxes / Sales[11][12])

Profit margin, net margin or net profit margin[13]

Return on equity (ROE)[13]

Return on assets (ROA ratio or Du Pont Ratio)[6]

Return on assets (ROA)[14]

Return on assets Du Pont (ROA Du Pont)[15]

Return on Equity Du Pont (ROE Du Pont)

Return on net assets (RONA)

Return on capital (ROC)

Risk adjusted return on capital (RAROC)
 :::OR :::

Return on capital employed (ROCE)

Note: this is somewhat similar to (ROI), which calculates Net Income per Owner's Equity

Cash flow return on investment (CFROI)

Efficiency ratio

Net gearing

Basic Earnings Power Ratio[16]

Liquidity ratios
Liquidity ratios measure the availability of cash to pay debt. Current ratio (Working Capital Ratio)[17]

Acid-test ratio (Quick ratio)[17]

:;Cash ratio[17]

:;Operation cash flow ratio

Activity ratios (Efficiency Ratios)
Activity ratios measure the effectiveness of the firms use of resources. Average collection period[3]

Degree of Operating Leverage (DOL)

DSO Ratio.[18]

Average payment period[3]

Asset turnover[19]

Stock turnover ratio[20][21]

Receivables Turnover Ratio[22]

Inventory conversion ratio[4]

Inventory conversion period (essentially same thing as above)

Receivables conversion period

Payables conversion period

Cash Conversion Cycle

Debt ratios (leveraging ratios)
Debt ratios quantify the firm's...
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