Topics: Probability theory, Normal distribution, Probability Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 10, 2013

1.) AE-2 List the enduring understandings for a content-area unit to be implemented over a three- to five- week time period. Explain how the enduring understandings serve to contextualize (add context or way of thinking to) the content-area standards.

Unit: Data and Probability
Time: 3 weeks max

Enduring Understanding:
“Student Will Be Able To:
- Know what probability is (chance, fairness, a way to observe our random world, the different representations)
 - Know what the difference between experimental and theoretical probability is
 - Be able to find the probability of a single event

- Be able to calculate the probability of sequential events, with and without replacement
 - Understand what a fair game is and be able to determine if a game is fair
 - Be able to make a game fair

- Be able to use different approaches (such as tree diagrams, area models, organized lists) to solve probability problems in life.
 - Be able to predict the characteristics of an entire population from a representative sample
 - Be able to analyze a representative sample for flaws in its selection
 - Be able to create and interpret different statistical representations of data (bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, stem-and-leaf)
 - Be able to choose an appropriate way to display various sets of data - Know why the Fundamental Counting Principle works and be able to use it to solve counting problems.”

2.) AE-3 List the language abilities that ELLs must develop to access the content you are teaching in your unit; then list the language abilities that they need to demonstrate content mastery.

Academic Language Abilities:
* Know the difference between possibility and probability. * Expressing probability and improbability
* Words that have representations of mathematical meaning.

AE- 4 Determine the content-area learning outcomes that all students will master as a result of...
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