Pro N Cons of Mp Presentation

Topics: Game theory, Win-win game, Dispute resolution Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: December 3, 2012
2.3 Pros And Cons Of The Relevant Principle
The pros of avoidance is when employees facing aggression, they may choose to quit or postpone their response until they are in a more suitable situation for them to push back. Avoidance is a low stress approach when the conflict is short and gives the time to focus on more important issues. Besides that, it also gives time to better prepare and collect information before take action. In contrast, avoidance has some cons such as it may lead to weakening or losing the position, not acting maybe interpreted as an agreement. Other than that, when multiple parties involved, avoidance may negatively affect the relationship with a party that expects our action. Besides that, compromise can reach temporary settlement and complex issues and also will reach expedient solutions on important issues. It is a faster issue resolution, it may be more practical when time is a factor. It is also a good solution which can provide a temporary solution while still looking for a win-win solution. In addition, compromise can lowers the levels of tension and stress resulting from the conflict. In opposite side, compromise has some cons just like it may result in a situation when both parties are not satisfied with the outcome which is lose-lose situation, and this will brings both parties does not contribute to building trust in the long run. Collaborating is known as problem confronting or problem solving. It involves an attempt to work with other person to find a win-win situation in hand- the one that most satisfies the concerns of both parties. By using this method, company has a win- win situation and reinforces mutual trust and respect between each others. It also builds a foundation for effective collaboration in the future. For the parties involved, the outcome of the conflict resolution is less stressful. In contrast, it also bring some disadvantages to company such as it requires more effort and time. A win-win solution may not be...
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