Pro vs College: Which Football Is Better?

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Pro Football versus College Football
In America, there is one sport that most American love; football. Football is played throughout the country at the high school, college, and professional levels. With the popularity of the sport growing, more and more people are starting to watch the game of football on television. May it be Saturday watching college or Sunday watching the National Football League (NFL), the sport itself is getting exposure all across the nation. Even the Congress of the United States of America is getting involved with it, regarding the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). With the sport growing so rapidly, which one is better? What is more entertaining? We will take a look at both college and professional football and then we’ll let you decide.

In college football, there are a bunch of teams, but in this paper I will just use the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The FBS was formerly known as Division I. As of March 2010, there are 120 teams in the FBS division of college football (National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2010), while the NFL only has 32 teams. With the NFL having less teams, that is less games for people to watch and enjoy. Although the NFL has players who were once FBS players, the fact that there are fewer teams in the NFL will allow so many of those FBS players to turn professional and to play. Yes, it’s both football, but there is obviously a difference if only the best players of the FBS are drafted to play in the NFL.

The level of play between both leagues is significantly different. If both leagues were the same talent-wise, we’d have a huge professional league. Now there is good and bad teams in the NFL, almost every team can compete for a championship each year at the beginning of the season. Although both leagues start the same with no wins and no losses, a majority of the FBS teams have no shot of winning the National Championship because of the way the system in the FBS works, as well as the ranking system in...
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