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Current event-

Historical event- She is just 14, going to undergo plastic surgery. her face bears the painful-looking raised scars and puckered skin of a burn victim. Blikis was burned in an acid attack. Acid eating through the skin on their faces, destroying cartilage and bone in minuetes. As she waits for her first surgery to help restore her face and her future. Driscoll, Amy. "World of Hope for Acid Attack Victim." Miami Herald (Miami, FL). 15 Jul 2001: 1B+. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 29 Mar 2012.

Expert opinion- common cysts and moles, to the most complex congenital defects and birth abnormalities. General reconstructive surgery Children’s plastic surgeons also perform procedures for complex reconstructive problems caused by injuries or tumors. Many of these procedures are done in tandem with other pediatric surgical specialists. Using specialized techniques, our plastic surgeons can transplant a flap (a section of tissue carrying its own blood supply) to help restore skin, muscle, or bone that has been lost. Congenital nevi, or birthmarks, are the most common abnormality of the skin. When large birthmarks are found in children, surgical removal is considered. Giant nevi carry a significant risk of developing into melanoma (skin cancer), although the exact risk is still being debated remains controversial. Plastic surgery techniques, such as tissue expansion, can enable giant nevi to be removed.   Surgical reconstruction for burn scars and other scar revision surgeries are also commonly performed by our plastic surgery team. * Constriction ring syndrome

* Polydactaly – extra digits or duplicated digits
* Syndactaly – webbed digits
* Thumb abnormalities
Other conditions treated
* Facial paralysis
* Hemifacial atrophy – a slowly progressive wasting of tissue on one side
of the face * Hemifacial microsomia – one side of the jaw and face is underdeveloped and does not grow normally * Tumors of the jaw and scalp

Neurofibromatosis – a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerve tissue, producing skin and bone abnorm  

 Of course American teens want to undergo these procedures: They face tremendous pressure to be attractive, and they're constantly bombarded with images of beautiful men and women who are held up as the norm. "We've made a decision about what beauty looks like in this country, and everybody -- teens in particular -- wants to fit the mold," says Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women and Families, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of women and children.

Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) and cleft palate (palatoschisis) are among the most common birth defects affecting children in North America. Cleft lip and cleft palate repair is a type of plastic surgery to correct this abnormal development both to restore function and to restore a more normal appearance. Most clefts can be repaired through specialized plastic surgery techniques, improving your child’s ability to eat, speak, hear and breathe, and to restore a more normal appearance and function.

Medscape: Today we're talking about plastic and cosmetic surgery in teens. Could you start by describing the main types of plastic surgery preformed? Dr. McGuire: There are 2 basic reasons for performing plastic surgery in children and teens. The first, reconstructive surgery, is aimed at repairing defects that impair normal function. The other, cosmetic surgery, has more to do with improving confidence and self-esteem. We also perform reconstructive plastic surgery in newborns -- for example, cleft lip and repairs of various severe birth defects. Medscape: Which cosmetic procedures are the most popular?

Dr. McGuire: In the younger middle teenage years, the most common surgical procedure in both young women and men is rhinoplasty. Nasal surgery should be...
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