Pro Sports and Culture

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Pro sports and Culture:
The True Influence of Pro Sports in Culture
Logan Logsdon
University of Phoenix

Com 172
Brian Lorimer

Sports and exercise have always been a part of the formation and influence on every culture. Cultures thrive on entertainment, and pro sports provide one of the biggest entertainment outlets in the world. Dating back to prehistoric days, sports have played a major role in influencing cultures. Without pro sports and athletes, many people would remain unmotivated to work-out or to become physically active. The athletes in these sports provide a huge influence for culture based on their positive or negative decisions made publicly for all to see. Not only do pro sports promote the image of an individual person, but they promote the overall standard for a culture as a whole. The basis of any culture is the people that make it up. When sports and athletes are placed in the mix of such a broad culture, the influence can span to anyone, at any age, and at any time in life. Entertainment is constantly sought after by every culture, and pro sports open up so many venues for changing a way the culture lives, certain values of that culture, and the overall flow a culture abides by. In an article written by The Roar (2011) the author writes, “Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that they essentially want both, but it comes down to defining what different types of fans want. The diehard wants a winner, they don’t care how it is done, they just want success, and entertainment comes as a bonus. The average spectator wants entertainment, and rightly so. They don’t have a major attachment to either side, and pay to be entertained” (Para 31). The basis of the authors’ argument is that fans come in different degrees, but find entertainment to be of a very high value in the sports world that ultimately connects cultures and sports together. There are other various influences pro sports place on the entertainment factor, including...
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